Let me introduce myself.

Robert Blok also known from the Summer Entrepreneur 2018 Overijssel

It started with a tasting in which only Champagne was drunk, this is how his affinity with Champagne started.

The name Clarissimi defines the meaning of my name; Robert is a masculine given name, derived from the Germanic root words hrod and beraht (or berht), which mean something like "honor", "fame", "great", "brilliant", "fame" and "light", " radiant ”,“ brilliant ”(see also 'honored', 'bright' and 'splendor')

I always dreamed of starting something for myself, Champagne is not really popular in the Netherlands yet, there are actually very few times when we open a bottle. As a great lover of Champagne, I want to do something with this in the future, because Champagne really goes very well with some dishes.

Most Champagnes you buy in the store often have a commercial background, I think that is a shame as there are Champagne farmers who still apply the craft to how they did it years ago, and that is really fantastic.

This creates a beautiful product with a lot of charm and a biodynamic background.