Organize a party at the time of home isolation

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Treat yourself

That can be something small, such as a bunch of flowers, which you can simply order online or a bar of chocolate. But can certainly also be something big, think of a piece of jewelry for which you have saved hard. This birthday is different than usual, so giving yourself a present is just part of that.

Give a picture-call-drink

Props for technological highlights! Do you know the phenomenon picture-bubble-bubbling already? A matter of House party open, everyone a glass Champagne (or cocktail) at hand, put on a nice number and party. Because it is your party all day long, plan several picture-calling drinks (with your friends, nieces, colleagues) spread throughout the day.

Bake a cake just for you

Finally, you don't have to take into account who likes which cake, you just bake (or buy) the cake you like. In addition, you do not have to be 'ashamed' if you take a second, third or maybe even fourth piece of cake. Even if you eat it all by yourself, we understand that. It's your day, so treat yourself! You just have to bake, make (if you go for a cheesecake) or buy that cake yourself.

Celebrate your belated birthday in the summer

If your birthday is in March or April, then the chances are small that you will celebrate your birthday outdoors. Or with a party tent and a patio heater. In this case, postponement does not result in cancellation! Celebrate you belated birthday during the summer! On the roof terrace, in the garden or in the nearby park. Or: host a big birthday party with an extension cord with fellow ex-year olds, who are also your girlfriends. For example at your favorite beach restaurant.

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