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Nathalie Falmet is one of the few women in Champagne to hold the title of winegrower and oenologist. After studying chemistry at Paris XI and graduating with degrees in both viticulture and oenology, Nathalie inherited and started 50% of the vines planted by her parents.

She worked with her father when she was eight years old. Its 3.2 hectares of vines consist of 2.4 hectares of Chardonnay, 0.6 hectares of Pinot Meunier and 0.5 hectares of Pinot Noir.

The vineyards stretch from her village of Rouvres-les-Vignes to the neighboring village of Colombey-les-Deux-Eglises, the birthplace of the famous French General Charles de Gaulle and the end of the line for planting vineyards in the Aube. Nathalie manages every aspect of the trade, from viticulture to sales and marketing.

In addition to her own estate, Nathalie has founded and run a laboratory in Bar-sur-Aube, where she acts as an advisory oenologist for 35 champagne customers in the region. This allows her to better understand the terroirs of the region and further fine-tune her skilled technical hand. She is the first to recognize that the lessons she learned in the lab are put to good use in her own vineyards and cellar.

Making champagne combines Nathalie's three passions: physics, chemistry and a love for the finer things. Her unwavering connection to the land guides her work in the vineyards, while her strong scientific background dictates her decisions in the winery.

She is committed to maintaining low yields and believes that quality cannot be achieved without a devout dedication to tilling the soil. She picks for ripeness and vinifies her wines separately according to aromatic profiles. Constant tasting during vinification, sometimes as much as three times a day, helps her understand the aromatic and flavor spectrum that her wines span over time.

She seeks balance, strength, delicacy and terroir definition in her wines. After all, she's a Chablis drinker! The relative warmth of the region gives its wines a natural breadth and depth, coupled with the spicy, mineral undertones offered by the Kimmeridgien limestone bands found in the soils of the region. In addition to emphasizing different terroirs, Nathalie believes in champagnes that reflect vintage and thus only produce a few vintage cuvées.


Its current offer includes a range of interesting and unique wines


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