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The label must state:

  1. The indication "Champagne" in clear letters.
  2. The brand name or the name of the manufacturer.
  3. The place of residence of the producer.
  4. Details about the cuvée such as blanc de blancs or rosé.
  5. The taste type in terms of brut, sec.
  6. The alcohol percentage.
  7. The contents of the bottle.
  8. The code number under which the mark is registered in the registers of the Comité interprofessionnel du vin de Champagne, preceded by two letters.

The two letters that precede the code number can be:

  • CM - Cooperative de manipulation
    The wine comes from a cooperative that bottles champagne from its members' own grapes in its own cellars and allows it to mature.
  • MA - Marque d'acheteur or marque auxiliaire
    Second wine from a producer.
  • NM - Négociant manipulant
    Trading house. This merchant harvests or buys grapes, must or basic wine and processes them in his cellar.
  • RM - Récoltant manipulant
    Champagne made and marketed by a winegrower, with or without the intervention of a cooperative.
  • SR - Société des récoltants
    Association of winegrowers that makes and bottles champagne from the harvest of its members.
  • R - Récoltant
    This winegrower has his grapes processed into wine by a négociant manipulant in wage labor and gets the bottled champagne back from him.
  • ND - Négociant distributor
    Trader who buys already bottled champagne and then labels himself.

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